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The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) admits different definitions, depending on who uses it from different areas and in very different ways. Similar meanings are used as corporate social responsibility (CSR) or socially responsible investment. Although other terms have been used in an inappropriate way, such as: social action, corporate reputation, business ethics or marketing with a social cause.

Beyond the terminology, CSR is and must be an inherent concept of the company that we at COORDINA value in and out of the company. Because corporate social responsibility goes beyond mere legal and regulatory compliance. It is a commitment to continuous improvement in its social aspect, in addition to the economic and environmental. And all this with a contribution of added value in an environment of responsible business competitiveness with people and the environment.

The concept of corporate social responsibility has evolved constantly, especially after the arrival of globalization. This has brought with it the acceleration of economic activity, ecological awareness and the development of new technologies. Therefore, social responsibility is being increasingly integrated and applied in the value chain of companies.

The application of social responsibility in a company can provide a series of benefits that are difficult to quantify. Not for that reason, those companies that decide to apply CSR do so seeking a short-term financial benefit. They do so voluntarily and organized as an additional strategic activity in the commercial competition. There is an implication to integrate the CSR in the business strategy in each of the elements that are part of the productive drive of the company.

From COORDINA we are committed to the organizations we work with when helping them define, design, implement and evaluate their Sustainability Strategy. A strategy obviously integrated and aligned with the company’s own organizational strategy seeking the contribution of value. Because implementing Strategies for Business Sustainability is to lead a company thinking not only of the present, but also of tomorrow.

Thus, COORDINA is involved in the design of the strategic objectives of the organization contemplating the economic perspective, together with the environmental and social perspective from a global perspective.

Through the development of Master Plans, Policies, Procedures and Tools, in COORDINA we also facilitate the implementation of this integrated strategy. The ultimate goal is to allow organizations to advance in a philosophy of transparency and continuous improvement. A business philosophy that helps them achieve the expected socially responsible results.

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